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06th October 2012
Our mesage of the day is simple, and clear. Start today. It's amazing how the next day always sounds appealing when things need to be done. I'll fix that tomorrow; diet starts on Monday; I'm joining the gym next week etc...

The trouble is tomorrow never comes. Are you single right now and want to find love, romance and companionship - well, start today. Well actually you can start right now!

Simply join Asian Dating today and start searching for single asian men and women in your area. We have thousands of members within our pages. Your Mr or Miss Right could be sitting by their inbox waiting for your message. You could be on a date this week, and begin a wonderful relationship......if only you would have started today.

OK - Start Today and Join Today




25th August 2012
There are now a record number of people finding love online, more than ever before. Being single is fun but being with someone who you connect with, share with, laugh with and love with is very special.

Today we have very busy lives. Work, home, family and social ties keep us constantly on the move. Actually finding the time to look for love takes a backstep often enough, too often. It really is time to look at you, focus and spend some time on you. The overwhelming benefit of online dating is you can browse matches and potential dates 24/7 at a time to suit you. Want to log in at 6am before work - fine, want to log in at 1pm at lunchtime - sure, want to log in at 6pm before dinner - great, want to log in at 10:30pm before bed - easy, want to log in at 2am as you are working shifts - not a problem.

The great thing about the internet is it's as busy as you, and it never stops or slows down. Take some time for you. Join up, create your profile and start connecting with likeminded single people like you looking for love.

Who knows - the next hour could change your life forever....



8th August 2012
What is it about summertime that brings out those romance hormones straight to the front of our thoughts - and where has our summer been hiding?!

The three most popular months for increased dating activities and connections are December, January and August. Get signed up today and enjoy the month!



22nd July 2012
Are we all just looking for someone? The concept of companionship is almost sub-consciously natural. Love is natural so embrace it!

We here at Asian Dating HQ have a mission, to find you love, romance and happiness. It's a great mission statememt to have, one we are not only proud of but passionate about to. As well as helpful articles, dating tips we have literally tens of thousands of single asians across the UK within our pages.

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