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Be More Confident When Dating in 24 Hours and 4 Steps

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Dating can be one of the most nerve racking, scary things to do. It should be exciting and an opportunity to meet a like-minded person and discover more about each other. There are some people who can join in any conversation with ease, are always the first person on the invite list for a party, are liked by everyone, can talk to anyone about anything and hold their attention – then there are the rest of the 99% of the population.

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…..for everyone else who’s still reading we understand comments such as ‘why would anyone be interested in what I have to say’, ‘I’m shy and find striking up conversations difficult’ and ‘I’m not a very confident person’.

We have put together 7 useful steps to remember and follow before a first date. In fact these can useful for any uncomfortable social situations to help you see the situation for what it is – learn them, follow them and repeat them:


Be Prepared
Make sure you have your 10 Silent Fillers. It can be difficult and awkward on a date if the conversation starts to drop. Be prepared. Write down 10 topics to talk about or questions to ask. These are your emergency fillers to use when needed. They should be open questions that allow your conversation to keep flowing e.g. have you been on holiday or planning to this / next year? Which can then flow on to what made you choose that destination? What type of holidays do you like? If you could choose one book to take on a holiday what would it be?

As well as your 10 Silent Fillers you can then jot down some follow up questions to use to keep the conversation flowing. This alone can give you enough for an hour or more and should be plenty.
Preparation is one of the biggest and most powerful confident boosters around!


It takes two to Tango
Repeat very clearly to yourself (over and over again if needs be) that your date is likely to be as or more nervous than you are. Realising both of you are as nervous as each other can also build your confidence. Your date will be nervous, worried, want to make a good impression for you. Will be spending time getting ready, putting on that special outfit, planning their activities and perhaps even putting things on hold – just to meet with you.


It’s Only Dinner
The great thing about dating and online dating sites is there are tens of thousands of sigle people looking for love. Yes you have found an attraction but it’s only dinner. A chance to find out more about one another, likes and dislikes and whether you have a connection. If so great a second date is on the cards, if not you haven’t lost anything – hopefully had a nice meal or lunch with a new person, and each date is just better experience to build on your confidence.


Fashion is for All
It links to the first point of preparation but don’t leave outfits, journey method and time and anything you need. Rushed dates can lower your confidence – be prepared and be confident


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