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Create the Perfect Asian Dating Profile and get Noticed

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When creating your dating profile on AsianDating.org.uk there are key things you need to add to stand out from the crowd. There are many interesting single people already signed up to our network but with a large crowd in any environment you need to be noticeable and noticed.
The better your profile, the easier it will be for other singles to see common interests – and the more popular you will become.
Completing your profile couldn’t be easier, simply follow our instructions below on what to concentrate on and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of your Asian Dating membership very soon!

Your Description
We have listed this part first. It is the most important, but it is always the field that scares people the most. This is not where you have to be the wittiest or most grammatical, but this gives you the opportunity to be…….well, be you.
This is not only the place to tell people about you, but your ‘sales page’. Be very honest and be yourself. Explain what you are looking for in a partner, what excites and fascinates you, your likes and dislikes, what makes you laugh – what you do for a hobby and possibly what you do for work. This is your chance to be open, honest and importantly you.
Take some time to complete this, and remember you can edit and change as and when you need to.

Your Town / Postcode
It’s very important to list your postcode and the town you are from. The majority of our visitors will generally search by their town and local area for people that they begin to contact. Make sure your visible to them.

Your Photo
Yes you will need to add a photo. Those without a photo always receive the lowest number of messages and contacts. Ask a friend or family member to take a photo of you, if you do not have any already that you would like to use. Again it can be a personal touch to add more than one photo, perhaps as your carry out hobbies or activities that interest you.
Be comfortable with the photo you choose – and remember you can add photos at any time.

Your Video
It is possible to add a video profile. These can not only be a great way to explain about yourself but as this is not an option many members take it certainly makes you stand out from the crowd.
It can be nerving doing a video profile, and of course your dating profile video needs to look natural and flow. Take some time to film this, write a script and practise over and over so it sounds as natural as you can. Ask a friend to practise with you to help you feel a little more at ease.

We hope this helps – and good luck with your adventure, it starts here!






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