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First Date Ideas

It is such an amazing and exciting fealing preparing for your first date, That is not to say you will be very nervous - of course that's only natural and to be expected - but the connection of two people, attracted to each other, about to take steps to see if their is a long lasting connection.

One of the most important decisions very early on is where to go on a first date.

Is a good meet a busy, but sometimes crowded coffee shop in the lunch rush hour; or perhaps an expensive but fancy restuarant, then who pays the bill and would the other person feel obliged to spend more than intended (or possibly have)?

We've put together our Top 5 places to meet for a first date with some helpful tips on what to look out for or avoid (in no particular order):


1. The Coffee Shop

The coffee shop at lunch time seems, and can be, a great idea. A familiar place, in busy and social surroundings and a great place to unwind, relax and talk. Unfortunately though your local Costa Coffee at 1pm in a very busy city can be a recipe for queues, rushed drinks and hustle and bustle. Not the greatest of starts.

Why not try and both book an early lunch and meet at 11:45am. This gives a full more srene hour before the rush of lunchtime, in the same familiar surroundings. Can be a great place for both people to relax and get to know each other.


2. The Cinema

Now you may be a postive social dynamo that can spend hours and hours (and hours) talking, chatting and socialising. In fact when you're not socialising your thinking about socialising - for those people this option is probably not best for you.

For those that are perhaps a little more nervous, shy or feel introvert the Cinema can be a great first date alternative. It allows some conversation to start and see if there's chemistry, plus gives a good talking point for after and potential second date.


3. The Restuarant

Quite traditional, but effective. A nice restaurant (not too expensive but not too casual) can be a great way to meet someone new. More conversation is proving to flow over eating and mealtime than most other times of the day.

Don't book an early bird special either. You need to be yourself, but also sell yourself, and taking someone out on the first date on an early bird special (unless necessary - which understand in some cases will need to be) doesn't always give a great impression.

If that is the case though, perhaps a cheaper alternative such as coffe shop or cinema may be a better option for you



Where you choose to go we hope you have a memorable experience






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